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What Is The Weed Flavoured E-Liquid UK?

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In the past few years, a huge panic has been created for health issues created due to vaping. This is because of the fear that the heavy chemicals and toxins contained in vaping products may cause severe health. However, vaping weed flavoured e liquids or any other e liquid from a reputable brand is much healthier than smoking the flower. That is why we wanted to share some important things to look for so that you know you are buying the best marijuana e liquids in the UK. 

Things To Consider While Buying E-liquid

First off, the term marijuana e liquid is a bit misleading when used in the UK. All e liquids that contain hemp extract (part of the cannabis family and marijuanas cousin) are technically hemp or CBD e liquids. CBD e liquids do not get you high in the UK, as they do not contain THC the psychoactive compound. A weed flavoured e liquid in the UK, could either be a CBD e liquid (and so contain hemp) or it could just be weed flavoured meaning it contains natural terpenes (the flavour compound) derived from weed to give the e liquid its flavour. 

Now, when buying an CBD e liquid in the UK or any vape here are some things you should consider. 

Physical Test

This is one of the trickiest aspects of finding safe cannabis e-liquid, especially if you buy online. You can only really do this when purchasing a product in-store. What you need to do is make sure there aren’t any clear signs of separation like you see when oil mixes with water. Also, that there is no debris floating in the substance. Give that e liquid a good look / shake before! 


The highest quality weed flavoured e liquids in the UK tend to be more clear than cloudy. If they are cloudy this is a sign that it could contain unwanted or potentially harmful ingredients. 


It is important to remember that e liquids are different from cannabis oils. So a CBD vape oil will have a very different consistency to an e liquid. CBD vape oils will have the consistency of thick, sticky honey, whereas e liquids will be a lot thinner, more similar to an olive oil. 

Approved Seller / Brand

Whatever product you are buying, check that it comes from a reputable brand and manufacturer. Ask for relevant licenses and product lab reports to check the authenticity and quality of the product you are buying. You need to make sure that you are not buying a blakc market product where a lot of the issues with vaping have come from.

Tested Products

Authorized and licensed manufacturers sell tested vape and e liquid products. As said, check with the seller or on the brands website for their lab reports relevant to the products you are buying. This way you can check that it does not contain any unknown ingredients, that the CBD strength is what they claim it is and that, particularly important in the UK, there is no THC. 


Fundamentally trust your gut. We all know when something doesn’t taste right. If, after buying and using the CBD e liquid, you find it tastes unpleasant, send it back. Any brand should believe the customer knows best and give you a refund. 

Best of luck!

There is no doubt vaping products have harmed the health of users in the past few years. But studies have shown that it was all due to wrong product choices and black market products. So choosing a reputable brand can lower the risks and make e liquid a safe thing for you. E liquid that contains harmful thinning agents should be avoided. Excessive or less thickness or thinness is also a sign of risk. Also, consider the method used to extract weed flavoured e liquid UK. CO2 extraction is the best method.

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