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What is Live Dealer Roulette and Why Are They Becoming Popular?

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In general, online roulette games have experienced widespread popularity in recent years. Even though it is not as popular as it once was, roulette remains a traditional table game that many gamblers all over the world enjoy. Playing online roulette Conquestador is a fun experience because of its simplicity, uncomplicated rules, and fair odds. However, bear in mind that if you’re not careful, internet gambling’s fast pace may soon deplete your current balance.

However, if you are seeking the thrill of playing roulette in a brick-and-mortar casino, live dealer roulette is an ideal option. It is the perfect blend of in-person gaming and online roulette. In this article, we will look at the intricacies of live dealer roulette, including how to start playing at live dealer roulette casinos.

What is live dealer roulette?

Like other live dealer casino games, live dealer roulette contains a live-streaming video feed that shows a real dealer who supervises the game’s betting procedure in real-time from an actual roulette table. Every player can see the roulette wheel being pushed to spin and the ball traveling through the pockets in live dealer roulette. As such, the outcome of each spin is not dependent on a random number generator (RNG), as it is in standard online roulette games. 

All participants in live roulette can use a computer screen console to make their selections and take advantage of a variety of other incredible features that this game variant has to offer, such as social contact with the dealer or other players. In terms of cost, live dealer games look to be significantly more expensive for online casinos than the classic casino games that use a PRNG (pseudorandom number generator), for example. 

Inturn, live dealer games need a far larger investment in technology and, of course, personnel. Some of the personnel involved in these live sites include:

  • One or more camera operators, 
  • several dealers to oversee a range of casino games, 
  • an IT specialist to deal with any technical difficulties that may arise,
  • a pit boss to step in and mediate any possible conflict between the dealer and the players 

With live dealer games, players experience as near as possible the actual gambling experience in a land-based casino. In turn, such operators attract not only big rollers but also players of all types.

Live Roulette variations 

Online live dealer roulette comes in various forms. They are as follows:

  • The standard American live variant: Players use a double-zero wheel, providing the house a 5.26 percent advantage
  • European live variant: This variant utilizes the single-zero wheel, decreasing the house edge to 2.70%
  • Atlantic City live variant: This variant utilizes a double-zero wheel. However, if the ball hits on 0 or 00, you will only lose half of your even-money (19-36/1-18, red/black, odd/even) bets. Even bets on house edge decrease to 2.63 percent using the La Partage technique 
  • French live variant: Like the Atlantic City roulette, this game uses the La Partage technique and a single-zero wheel. As a result, the house edge is 1.35% on even real money bets.
  • Auto (low limit) roulette: This is a low-limit, air-powered version.
  • Auto live: Auto Roulette is a low-limit form of the game. It’s also entirely automated and runs on compressed air.
  • Mini roulette: A social version, a brown version, and a black version are all available for the Mini Roulette. The color and size of the wheel, as well as the layouts, are the most significant differences between them and the other games.
  • Rapid: Rapid Roulette is a unique type of game that is played at online casinos at a quicker pace than normal roulette. This is the sort of game that most players choose if they wish to place a large number of bets.

Live roulette providers at online casinos

Several top-tier gaming software developers have joined with various online gambling platforms to deliver top-tier online live roulette games to their gamers. Among the most popular top-tier providers are:

  • NetEnt: When it comes to inspired software companies, every casino games expert worth their salt must include NetEnt. The company began with the goal of revolutionizing the online gaming business when it was created in 1996. As a result, it has mostly prospered as a result of its one-of-a-kind mobile gaming experience. 
  • Novomatic: Novomatic is a well-known corporation that manufactures and sells gaming equipment and software to casinos all over the world. Furthermore, in recent years, they have acquired a reputation as Europe’s premier supplier. 
  • Playtech: Playtech, which was formed in 2001, is one of the most well-known software developers in the world. Its games are known for their excellent quality, beautiful graphics, and entertaining themes. Because of its huge assortment of RNG, live, and mobile casino games, Playtech is used by many operators. The brand is known for its creativity and dependability. 

How to play online live roulette at online casinos

It is simple to play online live roulette at an online casino. If you are playing this game for real money you are set to go after you sign up and make a deposit. Typically, a live dealer roulette session begins with the following steps.

  1. First, the first camera films the dealer
  2. The program software processes the dealer’s image and combines the casino’s user’s interface with a live feed
  3. The Player’s computer monitors will get the produced data from the server
  4. The placing of wagers on the game begins
  5. The dealer communicates with all active bettors using their screen, which provides all the required information
  6.  All bets placed by the players are processed by the program software after being relayed through the server the server
  7. The wagering window will be shut
  8. While the view moves to the second camera, the dealer will revolve the wheel and spin the ball in the other way. A bird’s eye view will be available to players.
  9. The dealer will say, “No further bets,” which will be detected by the program, and all betting choices on the players’ monitors will be closed through the server.
  10. A set of results will be produced.
  11. The ball will land anywhere on the wheel, and the winning number will be scanned by OCR technology and transmitted to the program.
  12. . In a couple of milliseconds, the program will determine who among all participants has made profits and who has lost. Following that, the server will send this data straight to the players’ monitors.
  13. The game will start again at the first step

Where to find live dealer roulette casinos

Players can find a wide selection of live dealer roulette casinos on the internet. However, we recommend visiting for the best results. The site uses an expert team of gambling enthusiasts to evaluate both new and established casinos in the industry. They use their analytic rigor and years of experience to bring their readers detailed and up-to-date information on all matters of online gambling. 

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