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Top Five Handy Tech Products for Businesses

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Utilising modern technology in and around your business can improve your staff productivity, how engaged people are with your organisation and, above all, your bottom line. Read on for our guide to the top five handy tech products for any business. 

  • Charging lockers 

Charging lockers are just like standard lockers – a lockable compartment, usually making part of a larger run of identical compartments – but with the added benefit of incorporating charging ports. You can get these lockers for charging devices with built-in adaptors for power tools, or use a standard model for charging laptops, cameras, phones and tablets. Whether you want to coordinate the storage and charging of your company equipment, or you want to provide a place for employees to secure and power their own devices, charging lockers are the solution for you. 

  • Smart controls 

You can use smart controls to set your lighting, heat and cooling equipment as well as audio and visual tools. Ensuring that your environment is a comfortable temperature when your staff arrive can help them get started on their tasks more quickly and with more focus, and strictly controlling times for light and temperature equipment can save you money on wasted energy. Using smart controls for audio and visual equipment lets you set your meeting up with the touch of a button – dimming the lights, powering up speakers and projectors or screens, closing blinds, etc. 

  • Height-adjustable desks 

Give your employees more options when it comes to how they work with a height adjustable desk. Users can go from sitting to standing at the flick of a switch with electronically controlled models, or you can get more cost-effective hydraulically controlled desks that operate in much the same way as the height-adjustment on your office chairs. Sitting all day can be bad for muscles, blood flow and for the back – you can give your staff a way to avoid these problems with a different type of desk. 

  • Washable Keyboards 

We’ve all been there – whether it’s a couple of drips or a full mug spill, there’s probably not a keyboard in the country that hasn’t had coffee or tea on it at some point. Once, that would be a problem: you either have to use a sticky/dirty keyboard for the rest of time, or if it is broken, it goes in the (electronics recycling) bin. Many manufacturers are now building washable keyboards – you can easily wipe up any spills and even fully submerge some models in soapy water for a deep clean. A must have for the modern office. 

  • Fans 

Okay, so it might not be the most high-tech suggestion we’re making, but it will have the biggest impact on your staff comfort levels. There’s little worse than having to work in a hot, sweaty office or facility, with no respite. You can find fans in a range of sizes and styles to suit your needs – from absolute beasts that cool warehouses and factories through to small USB-powered desk top models. Make sure that your employees are comfortable at work and you will reap the benefits in employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity. 

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