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Top 5 Armored Vehicles Players Can Buy In GTA Online In 2021

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Armored vehicles are the best option in GTA Online, as they provide a lot of protection and make any mission involving vehicles a walk in the park.

If gamers are looking for a vehicle that will make them invincible in the face of adversity, they need look no further than a well-equipped armored vehicle that comes with bullet-resistant windows and panels. No matter how ruthless the enemy is, armored vehicles do not go down without a fight and protect the driver from all kinds of devastating weapons.

This article takes a look at 5 of the best armored beasts players can get in GTA Online.

Note: this article reflects the opinions of the author.

The 5 best armored vehicles featured in GTA Online

5) The bombing

The Barrage is an off-road buggy inspired by the HDT Storm SRTV (Tactical Search and Rescue Vehicle) and the HDT Sword ITV (International Transportable Vehicle).

The bombardment comes equipped with two gunners: one in the front and one in the back. The gunner in the back can also be exchanged for a grenade launcher.

The only downside to this off-road buggy is that the driver will not have any protection against bullets.

Recorded at a top speed of 108.75 mph, the Barrage is quite fast for such a bulky vehicle. It features fast acceleration and smooth handling.

4) The custom insurgent van

The Insurgent Pick-Up Custom is essentially an upgraded variant of the Insurgent. The main difference between the two is the trailer hitch that the custom pickup truck is equipped with.

Upon customization, players can add an extra layer of protection to the machine gun and have bulletproof windows installed on the vehicle.

To purchase Insurgent Pick-Up Custom in GTA Online, players will first need to purchase Insurgent Pick-Up and upgrade to the custom variant in Avenger or Mobile Operations. Personalization costs $ 2,000 in GTA Online.

3) Duke O’Death

Duke O’Death is one of the most popular ground vehicles in GTA Online. It is inspired by the 1968-1970 Dodge Charger.

Although Duke O’Death doesn’t come equipped with devastating weapons like the Nightshark and Insurgent, it does feature unshakable invincibility and bulletproof weapons, the likes of which are rarely seen in GTA Online.

Recorded at a top speed of 114.25 mph, the Duke O’Death is exceptionally fast for an armored vehicle.

Returning players can purchase Duke O’Death for free in GTA Online.

2) The night shark

The Night Shark comes equipped with a robust body. It may take 5 RPGs and about 15 homing rockets before exploding.

The only downside to this beast of a vehicle is that it has no bulletproof windows. Although they can be installed through customization.

Recorded at a top speed of 104.75, the Night Shark isn’t too slow for an armored car. It can be purchased from Warstock Cache and Carry for $ 1,245,000.

1) The armored Kuruma

At the top is the king of all armored vehicles in GTA Online, the epitome of style and destruction, the armored Kuruma. The armored Kuruma is based on Kuruma. The latter comes equipped with bulletproof windows and panels.

Recorded at a top speed of 109.75 mph, it is also one of the fastest armored vehicles in GTA Online. The armored Kuruma can be purchased from Southern SA South Autos for $ 698,250.

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