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The next Jackbox Party Pack already has a release date

Jackbox Party Pack 9, the next in the party game series, now has a release date of October 20.

It is scheduled for release on “major digital platforms” and includes new features such as being able to kick players out of the lobby and during games to ensure live games are kept safe.

Players will also be able to join via QR codes that appear on the lobby screen.

Jackbox Party Pack 9 Official Trailer

For those unaware, the Jackbox Party Pack games are a collection of multiplayer mini-games played via your phone, which are particularly popular with streamers thanks to Twitch integration.

This new bundle will include five games (according to the press release):

  • Fibbage 4: The hilarious bluffing game returns with a new Fibbage ending, themed episodes, video questions, fan-submitted questions, and Fibbage Enough About You mode. It is such a beloved game that we decided to give it a 4.
  • Quixort: In this trivia sorting factory, work with your team to sort the falling answers in the correct order before they hit the ground! Or play single player and see how many blocks you can sort before they’re full. It’s as easy as A, C, B!
  • Junktopia: A strange wizard has turned you into a frog! Create fun backstories for strange objects, and then have your fellow players evaluate them. More votes equals more value and then poof! You are a human again!
  • Nonsensory: Professor Nanners is here to test your NSP (Non-Sensory Perception) in this drawing, writing and guessing game! How close can you get to guessing where another player’s ad ranks on the dumbest scale?
  • Roomerang – Channel your inner reality TV star in an attempt to rise above your fellow gamers. Respond to prompts, bring the competition and role play to avoid being eliminated. Fear not though, even when you’re out and about you’ll find Roomerang back in the drama!

The game is available to pre-order now at Vaporwith a 10 percent discount.


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