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Tell us how you overcome loneliness, even if you’re still working on it

Loneliness is not a new phenomenon, but it is on the rise.

Recent estimates suggest that more than half of adults in the US feel lonelyand more people than ever are living alone. (Although you can still feel lonely even if you are in a society or living with others).

The pandemic has also drastically altered relationships of all kinds. In addition to COVID-related pain, anxiety, and depression, many people are dealing with the mental exhaustion that can result from prolonged social isolation.

But loneliness isn’t a forever feeling, and there are things you can do to connect with others. That’s why we want to hear from you.

Tell us about a time when you realized you were alone. What did you do to get over it (even if you’re still working on it)? How did you meet new people or make friends? Did you learn to appreciate your loneliness?

What do you think people just don’t understand about being alone?

Share your feelings and stories with us by filling out this form. We may contact you to feature your experience in an upcoming BuzzFeed News article.


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