Teen Patti Online Game – an excellent social gaming alternative

Teen Patti – meaning ‘three cards’ in English – is a card gambling game that began in the Indian subcontinent, as a social game. Teen Patti is played occasionally in India at the festival of Diwali as a ritual in which members of a family play it together. It originated from the English game of ‘three-card brag,’ with a bit of influence from Poker, and is also called ‘flash’ or ‘flush’ in some areas. Teen Patti is also popular throughout South Asia. In this age of online gaming, Teen Patti online game has been introduced for Teen Patti aficionados. Before understanding how to play the game online, let us understand certain basics about the original game. 

Betting on Teen Patti

How to play Teen Patti?


Teen Patti online is a potent tool to kill your boredom. You may simply log in to play online Teen Patti on your phone and play the game for as long as you would want. It is perfect for relaxing with friends and family. You get better as you play the game. Its similarities to the Poker game make it easy to learn. 

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