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T-Mobile Hit 5G Goal Early: A Sign of Things to Come?

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T-Mobile have announced that they have their own Ultra Capacity 5G network. They have also gone on to announce that they are now serving over 200 million people in the United States. The company has come out to say that they set themselves the goal of reaching this milestone in 2021 but now it looks like it has finally become a reality for them. T-Mobile uses the 5G label to try and cover any mid-hand or mmWave networks. Their mmWave networks and mid-bands offer much better speeds when compared to their other options. The low-band network that they offer is actually way closer to 4G in actual terms of speeds, and has a way bigger reach. T-Mobile are taking it upon themselves to boast about how they are currently covering well over 308 million people in over 1.7 million square miles.

The Rollout

If you have ever tried to play casino games online and experienced lag or just a bad internet connection then you will know how frustrating this can be. You may feel as though you just have no other option but to put up with it but this can compromise your outlook on mobile gaming. Thanks to this 5G rollout however, those issues are fast becoming a thing of the past. Now people can stream everything they want, whether it is live blackjack games or even sporting events such as rugby, football or basketball to mention just a few. Verizon have seen their mid-spectrum efforts take quite a slump recently though. The companies have been relying on the C-band spectrum so far and they have also been struggling to keep up with their intended rollout. The main reason for this is because the FAA has warned that the networks could easily mess with some of the radio safety signals that are in place on aircraft.

This is going to slow them down and it is also going to give T-Mobile a bit of an advantage overall. That being said, things are not always what they seem. T-Mobile may be exaggerating their claims a little when you look at the people who they claim to serve, and the people who they are actively serving. This could also indicate that they are not as far ahead as they make out and that the internet movement has a bit of a long journey ahead before 5G is available across the board.

The Big Difference

Unfortunately, there is rather a big difference between covering millions of people and actually having them be customers of T-Mobile. T-Mobile only offers this service to a fraction of their customers. When you look at the end of 2020, you will soon see that the company had 100 million people subscribed to them. This is a huge difference from the 200 million that can now apparently access the faster network connection.

Just because T-Mobile’s UC network has managed to hit this amazing milestone, that does not eliminate the fact that there is now a lot of work to do in terms of expanding that network even further. It would seem that there are now concentrated clusters in the US city, as well as urban areas. If you cover areas like this it is very easy to reach coverage numbers like that.

Although T-Mobile may be somewhat exaggerating its claims, it would be fair to say that movements like this are nothing short of positive. It is going to mean great things for the gaming industry and it is also going to help to move things forward in terms of live streams, especially to those who require a good internet connection to access them.

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