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Spyros Panopoulos Chaos is a rocket posing as a $ 14 million ‘ultra car’

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Spyros Panopoulos Automotive has reached almost all the major touchstones in the hypercar gender. The car has a wild name: Chaos. It has great and abstract ornaments: Chaos Earth and Chaos Zero Gravity. It has a wild power: 2,049 horses in the appearance of Earth or 3,065 in the form of zero gravity. It has components made from expensive and exotic materials, such as 3D printed titanium and Zylon. The performance claims are monumental – from zero to 62 mph in 1.55 seconds for zero gravity, from 62 to 124 mph in another 1.7 seconds, and a top speed of over 310 miles per hour. But the first of three unexpected spinoffs from the hypercar game is the home country of Chaos: Athens, Greece, a wholly in-house product of Panopoulos Automotive, which apparently produces specialized parts for exotic production cars. The second is its price, either 5.5 million euros (6.3 million US dollars) for Earth and 12.4 million euros (14.1 million US dollars) for Zero Gravity. The latter is the insistence of its creator that he has gone beyond hypercars to create the first “ultracar.”

When you take a look at the ground clearance, the long front overhang, the lowest profile rubber we’ve seen in a road car, and the tapered cockpit that looks like a luxurious sausage casing, consider the words of Spyros Panopoulos. : “‘Chaos’ is not a racing car, it is a city car, a car for every day, only with a more sophisticated performance. We want it to be suitable for daily commutes and for all categories of drivers, as it will be easy to set up for use anywhere between 500 and 3000 horsepower. “

We’ll start with the meat, which is a 4.0-liter biturbo V10 also developed in-house and mounted behind the cab. We are told that the engine is built around a 3D printed billet aluminum or magnesium alloy block, with 3D printed titanium pistons and connecting rods, a 3D printed camshaft that looks like a Gaudí work of art, air force fed through titanium. and magnesium turbochargers encased in Carbon fiber pipeline. The only major engine difference between the two models is the amount of turbo boost, rev limit, and gasoline specification. Earth adds 1,025 pound-feet of torque to its output and accelerates to 11,000 rpm maximum, helping it hit 62 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds. The Zero Gravity runs on E85, dumping 1,463 lb-ft in any trouble, accelerating to a maximum of 12,200 rpm. The company claims that the Zero Gravity travels the quarter mile in 7.5 seconds, which is 0.4 seconds longer than it takes the car to hit 186 mph. Both trims shoot their flames into a set of 3D printed quad tubes.

Around that, the monocque chassis is made from Zylon, a synthetic polymer, and we are told that “78% of the body is Anadiaplasi 3D printed from titanium-magnesium alloys and carbon fiber body parts or Kevlar carbon “. Anadiaplasi is a manufacturing technique that Panopoulos Automotive claims credit for creating. Independent suspension throughout uses titanium or magnesium forks. The front wheels are 21 inches in 3D printed magnesium, the rear wheels are 22 inches in 3D printed titanium. Float around carbon ceramic brakes up to 19 inches wide, held by 3D printed brake calipers. The Land of Chaos weighs 2,839 pounds reported, Zero Gravity, with its highest use of lightweight materials, weighs 2,804 pounds reported.

The cabin is all carbon fiber, magnesium, titanium, Zylon and Alcantara. There is a fork steering wheel with a screen in the middle and another pair of screens in front of almost the entire instrument panel.

Panopoulos says he had the first deposit and plans the first delivery mid 2022. The production plan is to build 20 cars for each continent, which we will assume means contents with permanent human populations, that is, 120 cars. Sotheby’s is said to be the exclusive distributor. When it comes to seeing Chaos in action, record-breaking attempts are scheduled for 2022 and 2023 at places like the Nürburgring and the Ehra-Lessien test track, and Top gear is destined to get one in 2022 for independent testing of all those claims.

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