Should I outsource software development?

In just 4 years from 2020 to 2024, experts predict the outsourcing market will grow by $ 98 billion. And a study by the National Outsourcing Association says that over 70% of organizations are going to intensively introduce outsourcing into their business in the next couple of years. According to surveys of owners of large companies why they choose IT outsourcing, we managed to find out the key reasons, including:

  • cost savings – answered by 35% of respondents;
  • increased user experience – said 23%;
  • replacement of outdated technologies with innovative solutions – indicated the reason for 17% of respondents.

There is no 100% guarantee that outsourced projects will burn out. There has even been a measure of success and failure in the IT industry on the service market Experts said in early 2000 that over the next two years, 20% of companies will fail. A decade later, everything has changed, and these numbers have dropped significantly, although a certain percentage of the collapse is still observed.

Reasons to outsource software

There are many reasons why companies are making this decision. Someone just wants to save themselves from unnecessary work, while others want to transfer part of the project to a professional IT team, in which all participants already work harmoniously, have experience and do the work as soon as possible. Someone else needs to speed up the project and adjust the results to a specific date.

Also, for companies that are not used to working online, outsourcing a project is a profitable solution, since the project will be completed by professionals and will not have to organize work from scratch.

Should you outsource software?

To answer this question, it is necessary to consider all the possible risks and benefits of outsourcing. The latter include the following:

  • the quality and reliability of work increases – the project is taken up by a professional in his field. In addition, each stage of the work will be performed by a narrowly focused specialist, and this is a guarantee that the task will be completed quickly and at the highest level;
  • there is no need to distract from the work of full-time employees – if there are tasks that do not require urgent solutions or they are not the most important, you can give them to another team of specialists in order to maintain the level of activity in your own team at a high level;
  • the opportunity to save money and speed up the implementation of the project – subcontractors specialize in certain types of work in the field of IT outsourcing, and also have all the necessary solutions and tools for their implementation, which eliminates the need to purchase additional programs for this type of work.

The companies to which the project is transferred have advanced technologies and innovative solutions, which is an important factor in the success and high quality of finished projects.

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Let’s talk about the risks

When transferring part of the work to another team, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the possible risks in advance. The most common ones are:

  • the new team receives, along with the work, a part of confidential information about the company and the customer;
  • starting an activity with a subcontractor, it is important to understand that throughout the entire cooperation he will need to throw in new data, for example, solution options, codes or project fragments;
  • there is a chance that the new freelancer will take away the customer’s clients.

To avoid these risks, you need to turn to a time-tested and customer-proven outsourcing company like DigitalSuits.

If you are still wondering whether it is worth outsourcing software, then experts say that this is a profitable solution. In any case, any risks can be minimized through legal and organizational measures.