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Nothing teases your next pair of headphones


hardware manufacturer Any has gained a lot of press attention due to its products, including a smartphone and a pair of affordable ANC headphones, as well as CEO Carl Pei’s marketing antics. The company is launching the Ear (Stick) headphones, and in true Nothing fashion, it all starts with a sneak peek.

Nothing has shared some marketing images of what it calls the Ear (stick) headphones, which may or may not be the successors to the Ear (1) it initially released. The company brought the product to London Fashion Week to show it off, but it’s not ready to fully reveal it or put it on store shelves just yet. As it did with the launch of Nothing Phone (1), the company wants to generate publicity first.

Still, it lets us see the design of the charging case, which is now capsule-shaped (stick-shaped?) and features a white and red design (perhaps a nod to Carl Pei’s OnePlus past?). Other than that, if the new earphones are the ones shown in the marketing images, we can expect them to be pretty much identical to Nothing’s previous earphones. It was previously thought that these are just Nothing Ears (1) with a new special edition case, but the company has insisted that this is an entirely new product after all.

We don’t have any information on what these headphones might look like once they’re out. Nothing says that they are “extremely comfortable” and “exquisitely unique”. So, at a minimum, they should be more comfortable than the ear (1). We’ll know more about them each time they’re introduced, which should be “later this year.” Who knows, they could become one of the best headphones out there.

sources: Any, 9to5Google


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