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Michael Irvin gave his biggest First Take rant thanks to the Dallas Cowboys [VIDEO]

The Dallas Cowboys, led by undefeated backup quarterback Cooper Rush, handed the New York Giants their seventh consecutive loss on Monday Night Football by a score of 23-16.

Cooper Rush threw some phenomenal throws throughout the game, CeeDee Lamb overcame some early knockdowns and made some spectacular fourth-quarter catches, but the Dallas Cowboys defense stole the show.

The Cowboys defense harassed Giants quarterback Daniel Jones all night with 24 pressures. That’s the most a QB has been pressured, not just this season, but in the last two seasons.

And no one appreciated all of this more than Cowboys legend Michael Irvin.

Michael Irvin has blessed the internet with loads of funny content and rants over the years, and I never thought I’d be able to top his “We’re losing recipes!” rant, but this is the best Michael Irvin rant we’ve ever seen.

He’s up there sweating, moving and screaming at the top of his lungs as Stephen A. and Keyshawn struggle to hold each other together in front of millions watching from home. In fact, it’s impressive that they kept their composure, because if Michael Irvin started using Biblical references to talk about CeeDee Lamb, he would have thrown me out of my chair laughing in front of all of America.

When he says, “THAT FINGER TO LAMP YOURSELF NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM PASS RUSH!” Stephen A can’t even look at it anymore! It truly is one of the funniest moments First has had in years, and Irvin’s sheer joy and enthusiasm for his beloved Cowboys was as refreshing as it was ridiculous.

ESPN needs to give Michael Irvin more opportunities to entertain us because if this is what he does after a big Cowboys win, we HAVE to see how he reacts when the Cowboys lose.


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