McLaren refutes news of Audi purchase in official statement, terms of sale report ‘totally inaccurate’ – Technology News, Firstpost

Following a media report claiming that the German automaker Audi had bought the British car brand McLaren, the McLaren Group issued a statement refuting the news, clarifying that no sales have been made and that the report is incorrect. On November 15, the British trade magazine Coach United Kingdom quoted a source who said he was close to the deal, claiming that Audi had bought the McLaren Group in an attempt to make a full entry into the world of Formula 1 racing. Shortly after the report was released, McLaren issued a statement on the one who described the news as “totally inaccurate”.

“The McLaren Group is aware of a media report indicating that it has been sold to Audi. This is totally inaccurate, and McLaren seeks to have the story deleted, ”the official statement reads.

While Autocar UK modified its original story to include McLaren’s statement, its original tweet claiming that Audi had bought the McLaren Group still remains live on Twitter, and has over 3,200 retweets and 5,300 likes at the time of this post. .

Audi is reportedly interested in entering F1, which was credited as the main reason for its interest in acquiring McLaren. Image: McLaren

While dismissing the news of the Audi purchase, McLaren said it has ongoing discussions and collaborations with “relevant partners and suppliers, including other automakers,” but did not name any of them.

“There have been no changes to the ownership structure of the McLaren Group,” the statement concluded.

In response to the developments, an Audi spokesperson said Reuters, “As part of our strategic considerations, we are constantly looking for various cooperation ideas.”

Recent rumors have suggested that the McLaren Group had attracted the interest of Audi and BMW, with the former eager to enter the pinnacle of four-wheelers. The McLaren acquisition would have given Audi control of its second supercar brand alongside Lamborghini, and could have resulted in a transfer of technology and a shared powertrain.

The Volkswagen Group is understood to be interested in returning to F1, and is said to be pushing the group brands Porsche and Audi to find a way to the championship.

McLaren has been dealing with financial pressures of late, despite a refinancing of up to 500 million pounds last year. Mike Flewitt, who had been CEO of McLaren Automotive for the past eight years, also resigned from his position in October.

It is also understood that McLaren is preparing for its entry into India, having designated Infinity Cars as your exclusive importer for our market earlier this year.

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