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McDonald’s opens newest sustainable store

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CITY OF MANDALUYONG, PHILIPPINES – In time for Environmental Awareness Month, McDonald’s Philippines reinforces its commitment to using eco-friendly and climate-friendly restaurant solutions by opening its new Green and good store on Shaw Boulevard Wack Wack, Mandaluyong City. McDonald’s Green & Good stores allow giant QSR to test and learn sustainable practices with its green building construction and efficient utility solutions. The first Green & Good store opened at UN Del Pilar Avenue in the city of Manila in April 2021.

McDonald's Green & Good

The Green & Good store on Shaw Boulevard Wack Wack is the first McDonald’s store in the country to adapt a modular system with its pre-fab pre-fab building construction. Compared to a traditional brick and block approach, each module is produced off-site and installed alongside other modules on-site. This enables faster work in a controlled environment and promotes sustainability through reduced waste and the impact of construction activities on site.

The store was also built with reused and recycled material, such as reclaimed wood, eco-friendly pavers, and eco-bricks. Fiber concrete was used as an alternative material to steel reinforcing bars in slabs, pavements and driveways. Even the smallest details, such as the paint used made with low volatility organic compounds, were prioritized with a lower environmental impact.

The Green & Good store also includes solar street lights and photographic and motion sensors as part of its utility efficiency solutions, as well as eco-friendly air conditioning for lower energy consumption. Rainwater is also collected in a collection tank that will be used to clean the outside of the store.

“We are committed to providing a better and more environmentally sustainable McDonald’s for our customers and the communities of which we are a part. We recognize that there is much more to do, but through our Green and Good platform, we are one step closer to finding innovative ways to keep waste out of the wild and drive climate action, “said McDonald’s President and CEO Philippines, Kenneth S. Yang.

With the growing community of cyclists, the new store includes a Bike & Dine area where cyclists can comfortably enjoy their McDonald’s favorites without having to worry about the safety of their bikes. The shop also has a bike repair station that has the tools cyclists would need to perform basic bike repair or maintenance.

McDonald’s also partnered with Meralco to provide access to electronic charging stations. The Green & Good store in Shaw Wack-Wack is the second store to offer its customers Meralco E-Sakay electronic charging stations for electric bikes and electric scooters. Customers can simply plug in their electric bike and electric scooter for a minimum fee of PhP1 for one minute of charge.

McDonald's Green & Good

Customers can also enjoy their food with the use of reusable dinner containers such as reusable wooden rice bowls, utensils, cups and stirrers.

Stronger implementation of solid waste segregation will be implemented in the dining, kitchen and preparation areas. McDonald’s Philippines aims to significantly reduce waste in sanitary landfills by converting paper waste into fuel, food waste into fertilizer, and plastic waste into reused products, as well as converting vegetable oil into biodiesel.

McDonald’s Shaw Boulevard Wack Wack is now open 24 hours to serve customers through restaurants, takeout, travel, and McDelivery. Under its M Safe program, McDonald’s ensures the safety of its employees with nearly 100% of its crew and managers at NCR now fully vaccinated. Along with the constant acquisition of Safety Seal Certifications, now in more than 60% of all restaurants nationwide, the giant QSR assured that they will continue to offer safe and pleasant experiences for customers, either through Dine-in , Ride-Thru or Delivery, through the crew and managers who are protected / healthy and who work in a safe environment.

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