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Maddy’s 16 Best Outfits From ‘Euphoria’

If you have ever seen euphoriayou know that style is a big part of what makes the show so unique.

And Alexa Demie (also known as Maddy Perez), is considered an icon thanks to her character’s wardrobe and makeup.

I rounded up Maddy’s best-in-class looks from the first two seasons of euphoria in case you need some serious style inspo. Have a look:


For starters, who can forget this infamous ~twinning~ moment when Maddy and Cassie were identical sets?


How about that safety pin crop top that went perfectly with her fuzzy beret? It was a state of mind.


This classic little black dress accented with the subtlest ruffle lining when Maddy celebrated her birthday.


That time, she offered a great look by mixing and matching smooth textures.


This bright white blouse that was anything but boring.


Is it just me or is Maddy the queen of crop tops? Because she totally is.


This light green set that was a hall goal.


Hood on, goggles on. She always looked at the point without even trying.


Soft florals and different shades of blue? She nailed it with this one.


What color can’t this girl pull off? Because I don’t think there is one.


Two words: boss girl vibes.


Denim doesn’t do a thing wrong with this #OOTD two-piece.


Because her baby blue ensemble deserves a double take.


Seriously, someone put the spotlight on Maddy because green is 100% her color.


Dressed to kill? Always.


And finally, this iconic cropped dress = the definition of slaughter.

What’s your favorite Maddy’s outfit? Share your choice in the comments!

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