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Jason Bateman almost hit Michael Jackson while riding his bike

Jason Bateman has had notable roles on television at various points in his life, whether it be in childhood roles on shows like silver spoons other the hogan familyplaying Michael Bluth on the beloved comedy series arrested developmentor starring in the recently concluded drama ozarks. Whatever endeavor you met Bateman for, the fact remains that he has been in show business for a long time.

The actor was a guest on Friday’s (September 30) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!where the host decided to have a little fun with Bateman’s longevity: Kimmel rattled off a random list of celebrity names, mostly from the ’80s, to see how many of them Bateman knew, which yielded an interesting Michael Jackson backstory.

Towards the end of the segment, Kimmel named Jackson and Bateman said, “Ricky Schroder and I almost ran over Michael Jackson with our bikes,” prompting a laugh from Kimmel. Bateman continued: “This was while we were doing silver spoons at Universal and we would need our bikes because the kids have to play. And Michael was there to see it.”

At that point, Bateman stopped and gave an uneasy gesture to the audience, presumably a nod to the child sexual abuse allegations against the singer. Bateman continued: “I don’t…listen, hey! He was a fan of the show and a fan of Ricker! He was coming up on stage as we were walking away and he almost knocked him down.”

Check out the full interview above.


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