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How to Trade Pokemon in Pokemon GO

One of the most interesting systems in Pokémon GO is trading. By trading, you can not only get new Pokémon, but also give them to your friends and do other things. In this guide, you will learn how to trade in pokemon go. Let us begin!


We will start this guide with the main disadvantage of trading in Pokémon GO. The system only works locally. You must be within a few meters of your friend to start trading. If you are in another city or country, you cannot trade with your friends. This drastically reduces the functionality of trading, making it less attractive to players with friends online.


Another downside of trading is taxes. If you want to trade multiple times, you’ll spend a significant amount of resources, which is pretty bad. Keep this in mind if you decide to trade with your friends.

However, among all the disadvantages, there is a significant advantage, which makes trading probably the most loved thing by the community in Pokemon GO. Trading gives players the unique ability to share their Pokémon. Also, the trading rules are not regulated in any way, so you can trade however you want, use any combination and make a lot of profit from trading.


Now that we’ve talked about the pros and cons of trading, let’s talk about how to do it. Although this system seems extremely easy and obvious, there are some nuances that you should know. And to make this guide easier for you, it will be broken down into a few steps:

  1. Get close to your friend. Knowing your friend in real life is the main requirement to trade Pokémon GO. And when you’re both physically in the exact location, head over to your Pokémon GO friends list.
  2. After that, tap on the icon of your friend you want to trade Pokemon with. Your friend must accept the trade and the special trade menu will open.
  3. In the trade menu, you can not only choose the Pokémon you want to sell, but also check its stats. Also, remember that when you trade, a Pokemon’s level will transfer. However, their IVs can change, so a 3-star may not stay that way.

However, before you start trading, remember that it is only available from level 10. Players below level 10 cannot trade. Also, remember that some rare Pokémon cannot be traded. Therefore, think long and hard before completing a trade.


In conclusion, trading is one of the most useful features of Pokémon GO. However, even though this system looks so cool, it has a lot of downsides, which you need to be aware of.


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