Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Google Chrome ends its was in the URLs in the address bar, for now, at least

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Chrome is ending its war with address bar URLs, for now at least. About a year ago, Chrome started experimenting with reducing the URL shown in the address bar to just the domain name, so instead of something like “https://Insider Voice/gadgets/2020/06/google -is-messing- with-the-address-bar-again-new-experiment-hides-url-path /, “the address bar would only show” Insider Voice “, and I would have no idea where it is located in the directory of the site.

Android Police saw a post on the Chromium bug tracker announcing that Google is killing the idea. In June 2020, as the experiment began, Google engineer Emily Stark explained that the company was experimenting with a simplified URL display “to understand whether it helps users identify malicious websites more accurately.” A year has passed, and now Stark writes that the “simplified domain experiment” will be removed from the codebase, saying, “This experiment did not move relevant security metrics, so we will not release it. :(“

Apple’s Safari browser also hides URLs like this one.

The Chrome team is not afraid to exploit existing web standards and has publicly declared you want to remove the url, but you haven’t figured out how yet. This was just the last of several crazy experimentsSo don’t be surprised if Google looks up your URLs again.

Today Chrome only hides “https: //” at the beginning of the URL, but you can choose not to do it on desktops by right-clicking in the address bar and checking “always show full URLs” .

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