Tuesday, June 22, 2021

G7 Live News: Johnson Rejects Claim That Supply of 100 Million Doses of Covid Vaccine to Poorest Countries Is Too Small | Politics

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At Covid-19, as we’ve already discussed, there will not only be a significant dose commitment, but also the adoption of a broader roadmap to help end the pandemic.

On climate, we will have more to say over the next few days, but the G7 countries will not only re-commit to what they have presented at the President’s Climate Leaders Summit, as well as their own national contributions, but also there will be a tangible action proposed and adopted at this G7, on climate.

And then in terms of infrastructure and the huge need for low- and middle-income countries around the world to meet their infrastructure requirements, the G7 + will adopt a high-level, transparent, climate-friendly and non-corrupt mechanism to Invest in the physical, digital and health infrastructure of low- and middle-income countries. I.It will be an alternative to that offered by other countries, including China.

And then of course all the key regional hotspots and challenges will be discussed, as well as how new technologies are reshaping our world. Therefore, they will discuss ransomware and how to set the rules of the road in all forms of emerging technology. so it is democracies, not autocracies, that are laying the foundation for the standards as we move forward.

All this will end up enshrined in the communiqué of the G7 leaders that will be released at the conclusion of the summit. There will be some other leader-level documents as well, but that’s the general basis for what we’re trying to achieve: significant results in Covid, in the climate, in the global economy, in infrastructure, in ransomware, and cyber.

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