Five Blackjack Stereotypes: Which You Shouldn’t Be

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Like social temperaments, we carry our personality traits everywhere we go. For lovers of casino games, the blackjack table is exempt from these traits. The blackjack table is often crowded with characters pigeonholed into certain stereotypes. 

If you are a frequent player, we are certain you must have come across or played against these. However, it’s not too late to learn if you are a novice. Here are five blackjack stereotypes you must know and the ultimate one you should never be.

Common Blackjack Stereotypes

No matter how great a blackjack player you are, there is every chance that you will fit perfectly into any of these stereotypes below.

  1. The Social Novice

There’s always that loudmouth, extremely friendly with many questions to ask at the blackjack table. A player like this is either making their first visit to the casino and sampling games around them or having very little idea of how to play the blackjack cards. They always have so many questions to ask the dealer, and the pros at the table always find them repulsive.

They often come to the table for fun, to laugh, and not to win big. They often don’t even have the bankroll to finance huge bets. You will find them repeating “thank you” after receiving every strategy card because they have no idea how to use them and they are eager to split almost all the time.

  1. The Nervous Chap

Have you ever stared at someone in a casino and instantly known that they are just out of place? This player looks sweaty and looks like they would rather be anywhere else than in the casino. Mostly, they are less chatty and have little idea of the game.

However, some may know how to play the game, but a while has passed since they last played it. You will find new casino goers fitting perfectly into the category, not being able to hinder the overwhelmingness of the things around them. They are very much like the social novice, in that they often have very little to spend.

  1. The Mathematician

They are less fun to be with, and you will barely enjoy their company. They look analytical, but in the real sense, they barely know what they are doing. This player is probably practicing some of the moves they have learned on online casinos similar to NitroCasino Live Blackjack games on a real blackjack table with the hope that it will make them a professional someday.

Their strategies are always too basic, and they tend to slow the game down. This is because of the vague calculations they are always trying to make. They are always too attentive, following each card as though they can magically see what everyone else at the table is planning.

  1. The Card Counter

They are often amateurs by nature and are fairly good at playing the game. However, they take extra care to try to count their cards too frequently and adjust their bet excessively. They are far too engrossed in this than in the real game. Very similarly to mathematicians, they are also less social and less interactive.

Typically, a good card counter can ruin a house, so card counting is illegal in most casinos. The problem with this stereotype is that most card counters are amateurs and waste time in the process instead of playing real games. They lack the confidence to implement brilliant strategies, and they often don’t win much at the table.

  1. The Grumbler

There is always something wrong with the table as far as this player is concerned. They are the stereotypes you shouldn’t ever fall into. If you are not careful, you may ruin a good hand just by sitting around this stereotype. They are constantly losing and are always super aggressive about their losses. They appear to be perfectionists who can tidy up everything else aside.

They are also very easily distracted. The grumblers are a total wreck for a game with minimum etiquette table requirements. You may be lucky with one with a lot of cash to spend, and they are annoyingly satisfying to watch.

Final Thoughts

If you must find solace in a stereotype, be the lucky streaker. They are often rare, but whatever they touch, luck follows. They may hardly have the requisite skills or knowledge, but they become easy winners. They have little or no strategies and are often a little like some of the stereotypes already explained above.