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Do Revenge hair and makeup secrets

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Netflix’s “Do Revenge” is cinematic proof that revenge is so much sweeter when you’ve got a flawless cat eye and butterfly clips in tow. The moment Drea (played by Camila Mendes) struts on screen in her Y2K-inspired half-up, half-down braided hairstyle (with face-framing pieces, no less), we understand there’s a ruthless attitude underneath. her loaded lip gloss. Exterior. With each turn of her head, new details are revealed: colorful accessories, subtle twists in the curve of her tresses, and eyebrows so sharp they could cut through the tension between Drea and Eleanor (Maya Hawke) like a knife.

As the movie delves into Drea and Eleanor’s friendship, their makeup and hairstyles (yes, including Eleanor’s big bob transformation) tell a story of their own. For head of makeup department ellen arden and the head of the hair department, Katie Ballard, creating the looks was a display of nostalgia.

“I was very inspired by some of the looks Angelina Jolie wore in ‘Hackers’ and the editorials she did in the ’90s.”

“When we meet Drea, we can see inspiration from ‘Clueless’ and ‘Cruel Intentions,’ as well as inspiration from ’90s supermodels, especially Karen Mulder,” Arden tells POPSUGAR. “Eleanor’s polished makeover has Fern Mayo [from ‘Jawbreaker’ (1999)] Everywhere. However, I also love paying homage to characters and looks that aren’t on the typical list of favorite ’90s movies.”

The best example is when, later in the movie, you see a change in Eleanor’s appearance. “For that aesthetic change, I was very inspired by some of the looks that Angelina Jolie wore in ‘Hackers,’ and the editorials that she did in the ’90s,” she says. “These looks had goth-grunge elements and were strong and edgy, perfect for the badass version of Eleanor.”

By combining the aesthetics of ’90s teen movies with inspiration from the modern runways and vibrant Miami scene, Arden and Ballard were able to beat the Atlanta heat and create a succession of rugged beauty looks. “I always like to work with the head of the hair department to ensure that the look of the character we’re designing is cohesive and makes visual sense,” she says. Together, and with the help of costume designer Alana Morshead, the pair defined Drea and Eleanor’s retro style. “Once the costumes were approved, Katie and I would share our ideas and visions for the characters and begin to determine the cinematic evolution of each character.”

Later, see behind-the-scenes photos of the “Do Revenge” cast, including Mendes, Hawke, Alisha Boe, Sophie Turner and more, in hair and makeup chairs, and shop for some of the products Ballard and Arden used to create. their iconic Y2K styles.


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