Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Deep Dasgupta proposes a new ‘2-tier test cricket’ structure to revive the format

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Former India goalie-hitter Deep Dasgupta has unveiled a new “2-tier test cricket” structure to revive the longest form of the game. He feels that dividing the 12 test teams into two rows, with room for some promotion and relegation, will make the two-way series more transcendent and relevant.

The arrival of the speedy zeitgeist T20 has led many experts to worry about the future of test cricket. Deep Dasgupta, one of them, pointed out that some bilateral combinations like Pakistan vs Zimbabwe are not competitive enough and are driving the audience away.

“It’s time for cricket to explore a 2-tier trial match structure. Well, we are aware that we need to, in a way, revive trial match cricket and one of the things that is affecting the format is the fact that there are too many inconsequential two-sided series and too many one-sided series. I mean, Pakistan vs Zimbabwe, as well as Pakistan, they played, we knew what the outcome would be from the beginning, “Deep Dasgupta told ESPNcricinfo.

The former cricketer added that the possibility of promotion for second tier teams and fear of relegation for tier one dies will add some much-needed excitement to bilateral competitions.

“So I think if you divide the 12 nations that play the Test into two groups of six teams each, obviously there will be relegation and promotion in the 2 levels, and you will play against 5 other teams at home and away for 2.5-3 years. The idea is to make sure each series is consistent, has some context and is competitive. I’m not saying this is the only way to get Test Match cricket back on track, but this could be one of the ways, “added Deep Dasgupta.

The inaugural World Testing Championship (2019-2021) involved 9 testing countries, each playing bilateral rubbers with 6 other teams for 120 points / series. The Championship will now conclude with the summit clash between India and New Zealand on June 18 in Southampton.

Aakash Chopra also echoes Deep Dasgupta’s views

Aakash chopra
Aakash chopra

Speaking in the same interaction, former India starter Aakash Chopra also agreed with Deep Dasgupta’s opinion. He said one-sided and easily predictable games are the “worst” thing that can happen to test cricket.

“Well Deep is always very ‘deep’ in his thinking and he’s right, you don’t need inconsequential test matches. The worst thing that can happen to test cricket, because it is played within 5 days is where you know the result even when the first The ball is thrown regardless of the pitch, “Chopra said.

Upcoming test matches include a 2-round series between England and New Zealand (June 2-14), a 2-round series between the West Indies and South Africa (June 10-22) and the WTC final.

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