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‘Conservative’ Now Just Means ‘Hate America’ And CPAC Made It Brutally Clear

In his speech, Putin not only claimed that elementary school boys are being offered gender reassignment surgery, but declared that the United States was denying the proper role of men, plotting the “overthrow of faith and values.” traditions”, killing religious freedom and creating “a reverse religion that is openly Satanism”.

Putin blamed the US for blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline and laughed at how politicians trying to use less fossil fuels have to “convince your fellow citizens to eat less, wash less often and dress warmer at home.” He then talked about how, in the West, those who question the government are “immediately declared enemies, extremists and radicals.”

In other words, Putin hosted a typical evening with Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, or any other Fox host. No wonder those at CPAC sang Putin’s praises…even as Putin threatened to use nuclear weapons and declared he was going to kill them. crush the West. Why? Why not? They want that too.

Totally unexpected, Donald Trump took to his failing social media platform this week to join Putin in blaming the United States for the sabotage of the two pipelines (spoiler alert: Russia did it), and to offer himself as the leader of a group which officially sanctioned Putin’s land grab in Ukraine through “negotiations”. Carlson was right on this very issue, devoting his show not only to claims that the United States was responsible for the pipelines, but also making a big deal out of the idea that Russia could possibly be involved.


Putin took the stage and called for “the collapse of Western hegemony” and said that “the battlefield to which fate and history have called us is the battlefield of our people, of great historical Russia.” The apparatchiks transported in buses responded with loud applause.

But no one seems to be more excited about Ukraine’s return “to its historic homeland” than the folks at CPAC. Because the destruction of America is their goal as much as Putin’s. And if that means supporting Putin in his military invasion and annexation of a neighbor, they will no doubt go there, explicitly tweeting a message that the US should let Putin have his way.

Screenshot of the CPAC tweet


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