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Can we stop pretending that QB wins are a significant stat?

Sports are weird. It might be the only world where you can build a narrative and tell it over and over again, while no one seems to bat an eye.

There are a lot of fools out there that I don’t let them bother me. Things like “bad officiating cost this team the game.” OK, to be honest, I let that get to me from time to time. By once in a while, I mean almost every week. Still, there is one narrative that is by far the worst of them all. It’s one that, frankly, makes no logical sense, and can actually be dangerous.

Look, I get it. I’ll preface all of this by saying that I know quarterback is the most important position. A good quarterback can make the difference between a good team and a bad team, but so can a good linebacker or a good left tackle. We’ve literally seen NFL teams win the Super Bowl with guys whose best attribute is that they have an active pulse. Hello Trent Dilfer. Anyway, today I want to get into the big reasons why we need to stop assigning quarterbacks a win/loss record.


Okay, gang, let’s simplify football to the core, okay? A soccer team has 53 players and there are three phases in the team. Each unit has a job.

First you have your offense. They have to work together as a unit to move downfield to score. The quarterback needs to have guys capable of blocking long enough for a play to develop, receivers to run the right routes and catch thrown passes or a running game to pass the ball to him.

Then we have defense and special teams. Defense is in charge of keeping points off the board, and special teams are in charge of getting the team into reasonable starting positions.

It’s just numbers at this point. There are three units in football and the quarterback only plays in one of them. Why do we only blame one player for the loss? the field marshal, as Jonathan Moxon in Varsity Blueshe’s just a man. He literally just can’t do his job without someone to block, catch, or run.

There are so many examples that it is not real

In 2020, Alvin Kamara had a Madden-on-easy game against the Vikings when he rushed for six touchdowns. In that same game, Drew Brees threw for 311 yards and two interceptions. Brees took credit for the win.

In 2012, Matt Ryan threw for 301 yards and five interceptions against the Cardinals, and the Falcons won 23-19 because Matt Bryant made three big field goals, the defense ran a fumble home and Michael Turner scored. Matt Ryan was credited with a win in this game.

Ryan Lindley once threw for 104 yards and an interception in a 38-10 win over the Lions. Why is Lindley getting credit for the win when he just existed for four quarters?

However, it is not just about victories. There is also a problem with losses. In 2011, Matthew Stafford threw for 520 yards and five touchdowns against the packersand the Lions still lost that game because Matt Flynn did the football equivalent of Mario stepping on a super mushroom and throw for six touchdowns. It can’t be Matthew Stafford’s fault the Lions lost this game.

Patrick Mahomes threw six touchdown passes against the Rams in 2018, and the Chiefs still lost because the defense allowed 54 points. What else could you ask these quarterbacks to do to help their teams win? Why should they bear the blame for losses?

These are not just selected ideas. You will see more and more things like this every year.

Why is this a problem?

It is a problem for three reasons. The first is because franchises base their teams’ success so firmly on quarterbacks that they tend to ignore everything else.

Sam Darnold is a perfect example. Darnold is not good as we know him, but he is not the worst either. Darnold is a classic example of why thinking quarterback will solve all your problems is adding another problem.

The Jets drafted Darnold with the third pick in 2018 and then proceeded to do nothing to help him succeed. During his three-year tenure with the Jets, the team’s defense ranked fourth, 17th, and seventh in the league in points allowed. His running game was 26, 31 and 23 in rushing touchdowns, and his best receivers during this time were Robby Anderson and Jamison Crowder, neither of whom could get close to the 1,000-yard mark or score more than six touchdowns in a game. . season. Lastly, he had three different head coaches during that time.

All of this goes wrong with Darnold, and he is the one who bears all the blame. Not even the Jets, who didn’t develop him well enough, didn’t surround him with players to help him succeed and changed coaches three times in three years.

This happens to a different boy or boys every year. A player with potential is written off by a team that did nothing to help him, and is considered a bad product by the league and the fans, even though he didn’t do it alone. No quarterback does, even though it seems like he does sometimes.

Then there are the teams that buy quarterbacks based on good performance. Matt Flynn made nearly $20 million in that six-touchdown game against the Lions because the GMs believed he could duplicate that performance.

Almost every time that happens, it leaves out a young quarterback who could be a future starter if he develops properly.

Lastly, the pressure that comes with this puts quarterbacks in a position where they feel like they need to play through injuries to stay on the field and help their team win. If you’re a quarterback and you suffer a concussion during a four-game losing streak, the fans and the franchise will clearly see you as the problem. Those are the kinds of things that can make a player lie about his injury to stay on the field and chase a win and keep his job.

Quarterbacks don’t win or lose games on their own, so let’s stop acting like quarterback wins and losses are an important stat.


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