Can CBD Help With My Recovery?

You’ve probably heard someone mention CBD by now, or saw an advertisement somewhere talking about the potential health benefits of this compound of marijuana. While research is fairly minimal into the exact benefits that CBD use can provide for certain ailments, some patients have found it helpful in reducing inflammation or helping to quell stress.

CBD products have been used in a multitude of settings, with some experts looking into whether or not it could be beneficial as part of the body’s recovery from workouts, injuries, and surgery.

Post-Workout Use

It’s important before pursuing CBD use to consult with your primary care provider and other members of your care team to make sure you can use oils, capsules, and other products safely. Don’t hesitate to use discount codes, such as a Medterra coupon, to cash in on savings on these products as you explore the CBD marketplace through items like tinctures, creams, and gummies. Be sure to take things slow when it comes to dosage to figure out the CBD products and brands that are best suited for your lifestyle.

If you have ever found yourself dealing with muscle pain after workouts, some gym rats have found that CBD has helped the body to respond to soreness and stiffness. Inflammation and stress are common after workouts, with some people finding that this compound of hemp can help restricted blood flow. This causes tension in muscle groups that tend to linger without the proper cooldown or stretching.

Injury Recovery

While CBD is finding use in chronic pain management, people building back from injuries are looking into the benefits of these items to help them reach a full recovery sooner. Neuropathic pain brought on by injuries such as herniated discs and high-degree sprains can force people to rely on addictive pain medicine. Rather than prescription medications or even popping multiple doses of aspirin, CBD has been relied upon in multiple facets as an all-natural solution.

CBD products may not help directly with easing soft tissue pain and bone healing, it may deal with the psychological ramifications of this injury. If the injury sidelines someone from a daily workout routine, their job, or even just getting around the house, they can find themselves stressed out or even depressed. CBD oil can become part of the healing process by helping to reduce this stress, providing a sense of calm as you build back towards physical activity again. This can avoid further back pain or additional soreness as you return to your regular activity level and better your overall health.

Post-Surgical Care

Recovery from surgery comes with your surgeon’s instructions for aftercare, as well as a wariness over potential complications from a procedure. For example, be sure to trust your cervical neck surgery recovery guide for step-by-step instruction to monitor your progress over a certain time period. Undergoing a discectomy or another type of procedure could leave you with stitches or scarring near the incision that requires regular care and cleaning to avoid any risk of infection. You’ll also be forced to limit your physical scope as to not cause any issues in recovery.

A doctor may prescribe antibiotics in the form of capsules or topicals after your surgery. They may also prescribe pain medication that you may not feel comfortable using or are concerned about the possibility of addiction.

CBD products offer an all-natural solution that may help to reduce inflammation near the incision site. This could also present some efficacy in dropping some of the stress of the recovery process. Make sure you stay aware of the dosage of the CBD tincture or any other item you may use.

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