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Best Programs to Convert Media From Analog to Digital

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Informational technologies develop rapidly. Sometimes we can’t keep up with new gadgets while they become old and non-effective. This thing drives many people crazy and excited about the future. Such rapid development signalizes that we will have a lot of amazing programs and robots that will make our lives easier and more interesting.

On the other side, such development causes new problems for our living. Firstly, most of the old people don’t know how to use all of the new gadgets. Secondly, many people don’t learn the instructions, which causes many bugs. Thirdly, a lot of data was recorded in analog, and now, to save the information, we have to convert it to digital.

It is very easy for big companies since they have the necessary budget, software, and specialists. Yet, what should professors or students do if they want to convert some old files to relevant formats?

The solution is related to converting programs and services. You can use manual software, transcription services, automated software, web tools for converting, and so on. There are a lot of opportunities, and we want to talk about some of the most effective ones now.

Online Transcription Services

Youtube bloggers, businessmen, conference hosts and managers, lawyers, and even students need to transcribe a lot of recordings. Audio to text transcription helps to analyze data more accurately, catch difficult words, create subtitles, improve SEO rankings, and so on.

Every person has their own approach to transcribe audio or video to text. For example, students usually refer to automated tools, while businessmen and podcasters prefer to get professional help. That is why they turn to online transcription services.

One of the reasons to turn to professional transcription services is that they have all the necessary software to create accurate text versions of the audio or video file. At the same time, they can easily convert analog files to digital without losing any byte of data. We are pleased to introduce a list of top transcription services.


This company is relatively young compared to many others. However, they demonstrate amazing skills and responsibility. Our partners recommended us turn to Transcriberry.com when we needed to transcribe some interviews. So we asked this transcription company to make a transcription for 5 interviews, each 1 hour long.

They succeeded within 1 day, and there wasn’t any necessity to edit something in the text. We were fully satisfied with the speed and quality of work. Moreover, we were pleased to communicate with a very polite customer support manager. Nowadays we refer to this company very often. And what is more, with their help, we converted 50% of our analog files to digital.


Here is one more company that we are very pleased to use. They have a good online reputation since they have provided services for many years. In some cases, we prefer Otter since they mostly rely on AI in transcription. Whenever we need Intelligent transcription, this company helps us a lot.

Their services are more expensive since they have provided transcription help for many years and have a strong brand. However, they provide high-quality audio-to-text transcription. That is why they are very good for converting analog files to digital ones.


The last company that we often use when we need foreign subtitles. Since Transcriberry hasn’t realized this opportunity for today and Otter mostly uses AI (which is not effective for foreign subtitles), we needed a company that can cover most of the languages and creates accurate captions. GoTranscript does this service the best compared to all the transcription services online.

At the same time, GoTranscript is a very good company for converting analog files to digital since they have professional managers and high-quality software.

Desktop Programs

As you may have understood, online transcription services are paid. Yet sometimes, you might not have an opportunity to pay for converting. In this case, you can download non-professional software and convert files individually. We created a list of the most useful programs for this issue.

Adobe Programs

Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition support multiple formats, including analog ones. Moreover, these programs have a lot of in-built features to edit the file and improve its quality. Most professional companies use this software to convert audio and video files from analog to digital.

However, Adobe programs are professional software. They are very expensive, so it might not be effective to use them only for converting files.

CyberLink Director Suite

This program is a full package of solutions for converting different files. Whether you need to convert audio or video files, CyberLink can be very helpful, especially when you want to cope with the conversion very fast. Besides converting, it allows you to configure parameters of the final file, so you can even improve the quality of recording or video.

What is important is that most of the popular formats are free. The only thing you have to do is just download the program and start using it. If you buy a premium package, you can also make basic editing and convert to more digital formats.

Diamond Video Capture

This is an expanded version of CyberLink Director. Besides basic functions for converting and editing, you can use this software to connect to many devices and make live conversions immediately. This software doesn’t convert files very fast, even on a good PC. However, with Diamond Video Capture, you get a 100% accurate conversion without losing any byte of information.


This is the last program that we want to recommend to our readers. This software seems to be pretty simple since its interface is a bit old-fashioned. However, you will be satisfied with its range of opportunities. With VidBox, you can easily convert audio and video files to digital formats and even connect cassette and vinyl record players to your PC.

Thus, with VIdBox, you can improve the quality of each file and even record your own music in vintage style in digital format. The main advantage is that this is very cheap and allows you to convert to any of the popular digital formats nowadays.


There are more and more situations when you need to convert analog to digital format. And the problem is that most of the popular programs are very expensive and are not good for single use. However, with our list of converting programs, you can save a lot of money and get high-quality digital files. Moreover, now you know that you can turn to professional transcription services and ask them for conversion. It is reliable and quite cheap, but you will have a guarantee of amazing results.

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