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Best Crypto YouTube Channels: The Tech Report

Cryptocurrency is the next phase in the evolution of money and has been making waves for over a decade, but not everyone seems to understand how it works. There are still a lot of trends and terminologies in the crypto space that people still don’t understand.

But hey! There is no need to panic as there are now ways to learn about crypto. And one of the best ways to discover everything about cryptocurrencies is on YouTube.

YouTube is the best platform to learn almost anything and of course also about crypto. There are many channels with numerous videos about cryptocurrencies. You can even get exhausted watching videos as there are so many.

Here’s the catch. You don’t need to stream every video you watch on YouTube to learn crypto. We have done the hard work of decimating the best crypto YouTube channels for you to learn faster and easier.

Top 10 Crypto YouTube Channels

Here are the top ten crypto YouTube channels.

Are you looking for the best crypto YouTube channel for fundamental analysis? Coin Bureau is the answer.

Owned by one of the top crypto influencers, Guy Turner, the channel has over 2 million subscribers. He talks about the latest news in the crypto space and upcoming crypto projects.

Additionally, Coin Bureau provides detailed information on Blockchain technology and the crypto market. The videos on this channel are intuitive and highly informative.

So if you are new to crypto, this is the perfect place to start.

If you’re wondering where to get the best crypto knowledge in a fun, witty and easy way, then Ben Armstrong’s BitBoy Crypto channel is the right place.

It decimates technical terms and deep topics about cryptocurrencies into easy-to-grasp videos. The videos cover the latest crypto news, trading tips and trending crypto projects revision.

Armstrong posts three to four videos a day; no wonder he has an incredible number of subscribers of almost 1.5 million.

The BitBoy Crypto YouTube channel offers live discussions and interviews with active crypto founders and influencers; this is called “Around the Blockchain”.

And to top it all off, the channel kicks off each day with some sizzling humor and piano vibes from Piano Matty B. So if you’re a crypto enthusiast and a fan of 90s pop culture humor, BitBoy Crypto is a channel to watch. You should see.

If all you need is an exceptional mathematician skilled in technical analysis, then Benjamin Cowen’s YouTube channel is where you want to be.

It takes a pragmatic and scientific approach to cryptography. It relies on metrics to determine price predictions. The Cowen Channel offers long-term analysis of the market using advanced mathematical calculations.

And if you’re on their premium channel, you’ll get log regression analysis reports, low-risk data analytics, and weekly updates on the crypto space. He calls this “Into the Cryptoverse”.

Cowen boasts a massive subscriber count of almost 770,000 which shows that this guy is extremely good at what he does.

benjamin cowen crypto youtube

The Crypto Banter YouTube channel is not just a channel that talks about crypto, it is more of a very engaging community that engages with the audience.

The channel provides subscribers with frequent live streaming updates on the latest news and trends around Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs. Trust me; no other channel offers 24/7 social media interaction with your audience.

On the other hand, the Crypto Banter YouTube channel frequently interview with the biggest names in the world of cryptocurrenciesIncluding: CEOs of the crypto industry, billionaires, and savvy traders.

The channel’s content is frequently updated to match current trends in the crypto space. It is a fast growing channel with close to 600,000 subscribers.

YouTube Crypto Jokes

What do you say to a YouTube channel where you can ask questions about crypto concepts and get relatable answers? Cool, right? Well yes, and that’s what you get at CryptosRUs.

George Tung is the brains behind CryptosRUs, and he has been growing the channel since 2017. That counts for his massive 651,000 subscribers.

The remarkable thing about George is that he simplifies technical crypto analysis on videos of medium length and offers a question and answer session for your videos.

He has an IT background which makes him a powerhouse when it comes to explaining the technology behind Crypto and Blockchain.

cryptos is us youtube

If you’re wondering where to get the best cryptocurrency investing content, look no further than Kevin Paffrath’s channel – meet Kevin.

Kevin is a successful investor who made millions by investing in cryptocurrencies, stocks, and real estate. And subscribers love him for his honest reviews of cryptocurrency investing.

The channel has a huge number of subscribers of almost 1.9 million; this is due to Kevins active engagement: he posts four to five videos a day.

Be sure to check out Meet Kevin for the best tips on cryptocurrency investing.

meet kevin crypto youtube

As the name suggests, Crypto Kirby’s YouTube channel is strictly about trading.

The channel posts regular updates on trading forecasts using trading charts. It is a channel where newbies and professional traders can get useful real-time trading analysis.

Crypto Kirby has over 150,000 subscribers and the channel continues to grow. It offers free technical analysis for regular subscribers, but you can learn more about trading in the premium channel.

So if you are interested in trading BTC and ETH, Crypto Kirby is worth a look.

crypto kirby youtube

Ivan Liljeqvist is the creator of the popular YouTube channel: Ivan on Tech.

He is a Swedish crypto influencer who is quite versatile: he is a crypto educator, blockchain expert, international speaker, and data scientist. Ivan is really in Tech, isn’t he?

Ivan’s channel has almost 500,000 subscribers; It’s no surprise, as his videos cover technical analysis and his interviews with other crypto experts. He also does a weekly live stream on the latest crypto news. He calls it “Good Morning Crypto”.

Ivan on Tech is an insightful channel if you are curious about crypto projects and upcoming blockchain developments.

ivan on crypto technology youtube

A channel run by two brothers, Austin and Aaron Arnold, Altcoin Daily is a widely known crypto YouTube channel with 1.24 million subscribers.

The channel covers the latest crypto news, in-depth market analysis, and thoughts from industry leaders. The brothers state that the channel is for educational purposes only and not for financial advice.

They owe their incredible number of followers to frequently posting highly educational videos. The channel teaches fundamental analysis and is very bullish on Bitcoin and Altcoins.

daily altcoins

The only female-owned channel on this list is Crypto Eri. Eri is a Japanese crypto influencer who talks about things happening in the crypto space.

The Crypto Eri YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers and covers topics including cryptocurrencies, DeFi, mobile payments, and high yield digital assets.

More recently, he frequently discusses XRP on his channel. So if you are also looking into XRP or want to know about global trends in crypto, check out his channel.

crypto eri youtube

final thoughts

We know that cryptocurrencies are here, but it is only the beginning. There is still a lot to unpack about space.

YouTube is a platform with a large amount of information about the world of cryptocurrencies. There are many influencers, channels and videos that teach everything about cryptocurrencies to date.

So it’s not too late to start learning about crypto and be sure to find answers to all your questions on YouTube.


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