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Avicii’s family sells 75% of Late DJ catalog to Pophouse

The family of Avicii, the late multi-platinum Swedish DJ, has sold 75% of his recordings and master releases to Pophouse Entertainment, the Stockholm-based company behind ABBA’s “Voyage” show in London, and other companies. . The family and estate will retain ownership of the remaining 25%.

Terms of the deal, estimated at nine figures, were not disclosed.

According to the announcement, a joint venture between Avicii’s (real name: Tim Bergling) family and estate and Pophouse has been created “to safeguard Avicii’s indelible legacy through future global efforts,” such as the interactive tribute museum at Stockholm, “Avicii Experience,” which Pophouse and the Bergling family opened together in February.

Avicii’s father, Klas Bergling, commented: “Pophouse has come up with a concrete concept and proposal for the long-term care and development of Tim’s musical heritage. Through this agreement, we are also securing the long-term finances of the Tim Bergling Foundation, creating the opportunity to act decisively on the Foundation’s commitments to support such important issues as youth mental health and well-being. Working with the Tim Bergling Foundation is a full time commitment for us. The foundation has only been running for a few years and there is much to be done for a long time.”

According to Pophouse CEO Per Sundin (who first signed Avicii to Universal Sweden in 2010 as CEO of that company), “Tim was not only one of the best DJs in the world, he was an extremely productive genius who always followed his lead. own way, mixing genres. , defying convention and creating musical history. I followed his entire journey, and it is an honor and pride that I and the entire Pophouse company, together with the Bergling family, will nurture and introduce his music to new generations of listeners in all parts of the world.”


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