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Are you getting enough vitamin C per day? And why is it important.



What does vitamin C do for your body? Benefits explained. Plus what foods to eat to saturate a day.


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Drew Barrymore comes to Hugh Grant’s defense after controversial interview with Ashley Graham



Drew Barrymore defended her former co-star Hugh Grant on Friday amid controversy over whether he was rude to model Ashley Graham on the Oscars red carpet.

A video of Graham interviewing Grant at Sunday’s Oscars went viral earlier this week, with some people denouncing Grant’s brief responses and possible eye rolls.

Grant also had many defenders. Some considered his lack of enthusiasm for small talk to be outspoken. relative. Others have suggested that the backlash was the result Cultural differences between the United States and Great Britain, with The Washington Post asksIs Hugh Grant rude or just British?

Barrymore, who appeared alongside Grant in 2007’s Music and Lyrics, had her own interpretation: the actor was just being “grumpy”.

Drew Barrymore (left) said that Hugh Grant was just acting in an interview with Ashley Graham that many perceived as rude.

“It happens to him and Ashley Graham on the red carpet. People are like, “Oh, he’s such a cheapskate and she’s so upset.” -Talk Show Host said in Friday’s edition from her The Drew Barrymore Show.

She continued, “I’m like, no, it’s Hugh Grant. You think you’re getting a charming movie star, but you’re really getting a grumpy Hugh. And then you fall in love with grumpy Hugh.”

The Never Been Kissed actor made a splash on the red carpet as she discussed another grumpy Grant-related topic: his recent description of Barrymore’s singing voice as “terrible.”

Barrymore and Grant pose at a party after the film's premiere.
Barrymore and Grant pose at a party following the premiere of “Music and Words” on February 7, 2007 in Los Angeles.

Kevin Winter via Getty Images

On her show, Barrymore laughed at his apparent bluntness. “If you know Hugh, that’s his way of loving you,” she said.

Her opinion of Grant seems to be much higher than he once assumed, perhaps brashly, back in 2009. Elle magazine asked him Speaking briefly about some of the stars he has worked with, he said of Barrymore: “Maked her cry. Amazing movie star face. hates me.”

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The best shampoo for colored hair



Love fresh color but hate how fast it fades? Try these shampoos for colored hair.

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Good Burger 2: cast, plot, broadcast home



Welcome back to Good Burger! Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell have teased a sequel for several years, and Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell have confirmed that The Good Burger 2 will begin filming this summer during its March 17 appearance on the channel. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The film will premiere later this year on Paramount+.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Kel would like to tell you something,” Thompson teased before handing the announcement to his colleague. Mitchell continued, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Good Burger, the home of Good Burger…part two!”

Fallon and the crowd instantly went berserk. In fact, the host even jumped on the guest couch to show how excited he was that Good Burger 2 was finally happening. His reaction is fitting, as the former SNL star has long been a fan of the film. As he noted at the beginning of the interview, he reunited stars of “All That” for the Good Burger sketch back in 2015.

“We’re going to shoot it this summer and it’s coming out soon,” Thompson continued. When asked what would be in Good Burger 2, the SNL actor teased that there would be “jokes” and shared that he “wants as many episodes as possible.”

Thompson and Mitchell starred in the 1997 children’s comedy as two goofy friends, Dexter and Ed, who spend their summers working at a local fast food joint. In a statement, Thompson expressed his excitement at being cast in a sequel to the film 25 years later.

“I can’t believe it’s been just over 25 years since Good Burger started great customer service!” He said. “Being a part of something that so many generations of people have loved so much has made me so proud and now being back where it all started working on a sequel is surreal! I love performing with my brother Kel and can’t wait to show the fans what these characters have been up to since we last saw them.”

Mitchell added, “Ed is one of those timeless characters who has brought so much joy and laughter to the fans and it’s such a wonderful blessing to continue to do so after all these years. It’s great to be back and continue Dex’s stories. , Ed and Good Burger for both people who grew up watching and their kids.”

“Good Burger” started out as a hilarious “All That” sketch led by Mitchell, but quickly turned into a nostalgic hit that fans are still clamoring for to this day. “Welcome to Good Burger, home of Good Burger, may I take your order?” is just one of many memorable quotes from the film, so hearing it again in the sequel will be a real treat for 90s kids.

Read everything we know about The Good Burger 2.

Official announcement “Good Burger 2”

Who plays in the movie “Good Burger 2”?

So far, the only confirmed actors are Mitchell and Thompson. As Thompson teased, the duo hope to feature as many celebrities as possible. Among them could be Fallon, who expressed his desire to star in the film during his interview with movie stars. The first film featured Linda Cardellini, All That star Laurie Beth Denberg, Sinbad and Shaquille O’Neal as himself.

What is the plot of Good Burger 2?

Paramount+ has revealed details of what fans can expect to see in the second film in a press release. According to the official synopsis, Dexter Reed will return to Good Burger to work with his old pal Ed after another one of his inventions fails. While Ed is excited about Dex’s return, his friend’s plans to start his own career could mean the end of Good Burger for good.

Where can I watch Good Burger 2?

The sequel will premiere exclusively at Paramount+ later this year.

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