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Alchemy Star’s latest event Farewell My Wonderland shows players how life flourishes on a war-torn battlefield.

Level Infinite has just announced the launch of a new event called Farewell, My Wonderland, in its mobile JRPG Alchemy Stars. The event starts tomorrow, September 22, and shows players that life always finds a way, even after a destructive war. It will run until October 17.

In the Farewell, My Wonderland event in Alchemy Stars, players will complete two-stage event quests, where they can recruit two new characters – Pollux and Casta – as they travel to the Abyss area and re-explore Cloud Blossom Destiny. while earning numerous rewards.

The event can be subdivided into two quests: Wonderland Tales and No Man’s Lands, where players will visit the Undercity, a new area found in the Abyss. Expect to jump into a poisonous environment where finding fans is the key to survival. Traversing this dangerous region will prove to be extremely rewarding, as players can earn Lumamber, Solamber Druse Order crates, titles, and medals.

The update also introduces two new Aurorans to Alchemy Starts. Between September 22 and October 20 they will be available in the Crimson Raven banner. Pollux is a 6 star character while Casta is a 5 star. Players will have a 50% chance of winning the last one, and the first one will be found at a 25% rate.

After the event, both will become part of Mainstay Recruitment. Additionally, the 6-star Aurorian Fia from Starry Trails and the 6-star Aurorian Jeno from Sleight of Hand also return to the Crimson Raven banner.

As players progress through the stages of this event, they will earn rewards such as Lumamber and Special Star Flare. Those who do the main story along with this stand to earn even more goodies like empty shell casings. These can be used for higher level rewards. A daily login event will also be running throughout the event, granting players items like Lumamber, Void Shells, Nightium, Panacea, and much more.

Immerse yourself in the story of Farewell, My Wonderland by downloading Alchemy Stars now for free.

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