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A student’s image and reputation: how to work on them

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The university has no special course on the image of the modern student. And that’s a pity. After all, building a reputation is an important skill to work on as a student. To close the gaps and know what to work on, read our article. Here we explain what makes up a student’s image, why your reputation matters, and whether you can consciously change your image. 

What is a successful student’s image and why do we need it? You would think, why should a university student bother with an image? You should enjoy student life to the fullest: skipping classes, partying, throwing parties in your dorm. We can’t all be straight A’s. We do not urge you to give up fun and study all day and night. On the contrary, every person, especially the young ones, should have time for everything: for studying, for fun meetings with friends, for first crushes. And the right image and a good reputation can only help you become more successful in all areas. To know how to work on your image and reputation, it’s worth clarifying what these words mean: 

  • Reputation is a social assessment of a person, his/her strengths and weaknesses. It is made up of a person’s past behavior and actions.
  • An image is a favorable representation that a person can purposely create in order to form the right opinion about his or her personality. It is especially important to watch one’s image for those who hold a certain position in society.

It turns out that although the two terms are similar, they are not equivalent. Reputation is an opinion that people have of a particular person, while the image is a socially acceptable image that people can create themselves.

Why should a student care about his or her image and reputation? 

But why should you be worried about your image and reputation as a successful student? This behavior has many advantages: 

  • new teachers are more loyal to students with a good reputation;
  • such students are easier to pass tests and exams, they are rarely asked additional questions, because even if they cannot do their homework, they will buy a narrative essay to avoid risking their reputation;
  • teachers are more willing to give positive recommendations if a student wants to transfer to another university or enter an institution abroad; 
  • excellent reputation is a plus when it comes to finding the first job;
  • employers pay attention to the style of young professionals because they have to represent the organization at the appropriate level;
  • people with an impeccable reputation and carefully created image have an easier chance of building a successful career.

What factors affect the image

 What does a student’s image consist of? Is it an appearance or some psychological qualities? And can it be changed? To answer all these questions, it is worth considering the factors that significantly form a student’s image: 

  • environment; 
  • the status of the institution; 
  • the prestige of the chosen profession; 
  • appearance and presentation; 
  • personal and psychological characteristics;
  • awareness and understanding; 
  • the role in society that the student chooses.

How to create a successful image 

We’ve looked at what factors unconsciously influence a student’s image. They can be an obstacle or support when you develop your conscious image. Yes, we didn’t miss the point. An image that leads to success can and should be created. There are clear algorithms for this. Hold on to one of them and apply it to your life with confidence: 

  • Formulate a goal that the new image will serve. For example, to become the most diligent student or to become a leader in university activities.
  • Find a target audience. Who should appreciate your efforts? The professors who give the lectures and take the exams, or the student activists? These are the people you should be targeting. 
  • Make a list of the qualities you need. What parameters are necessary to achieve the desired image? Is it assiduity, attentiveness, and responsibility or pro-activity, creativity, and sociability?
  • Analyse what qualities you already have. Do they help you achieve what you want? Then enhance them. Are they slowing you down? Try to get rid of them. And what if you do not yet have the necessary characteristics? Develop them.
  • Create a final image that fits your character but moves you towards your goal. At this stage, think through the style in clothing, mannerisms, facial reactions, gestures, characteristic actions, and information that such a person should possess. Be very careful – this is the most difficult part of the technique. 
  • Get into the resulting image and make it your own. If you’ve done the previous point correctly, it won’t be difficult to embody the new image.

 Of course, it may not work right away. It takes time for the new look to feel organic and natural to you. The main thing is not to give up and move towards your goal.

We wish you to establish and maintain a good reputation that will help you to be successful in all your activities.

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