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90-day boyfriend, love in paradise: Caribbean couples are still together

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90 day fiancé, But with a tropical twist! The latest TLC series Love in paradise: the Caribbean, a 90-day story puts a twist on the franchise. Instead of featuring Americans who fall in love with foreigners from all over the world, 90 day boyfriend: love in paradise It features Americans who are specifically in romantic relationships with people from the Caribbean. In addition to the difficulty of navigating long-distance relationships, couples also face an additional hurdle amid the coronavirus pandemic, with fans wondering which couples have split or are still together after filming. WARNING: SPOILERS BELOW!

90 Day Fiancé Season 1: Love in paradise, which was previously available to stream on discovery +, introduced four new couples to the franchise: Aryanna and Sherlon, Amber and Daniel, Steven and Martine, and Key and Mark.

Aryanna is 25 years old and from Quincy, Illinois. He met Sherlon while on vacation in Jamaica with his sister. Aryanna and Sherlon crossed paths when she and her sister went on a boat trip led by Sherlon. “I was in Jamaica for just two more days and I spent all that time with Sherlon. It made me feel beautiful and sexy in a way that I have never felt before, ”she said in her confessional. After returning home from her adventure, Aryanna found out that she was pregnant. During the season, Aryanna traveled back to Jamaica while pregnant with her mother and sister so that she and Sherlon could find out what their next steps are in being together as a family.

Amber is 30 years old from Seminole, Florida, and Daniel is 23 years old and originally from Venezuela. He was living in Jaco, Costa Rica, when he met Amber, who was traveling with a friend. Daniel and his roommate approached Amber and her friend at a bar, and Amber and Daniel hooked up that night. “While I was still traveling, he contacted me every day and on the last trip I made to Costa Rica I got engaged,” he said in his confessional, wearing a modest silver sash. She returned to Costa Rica for the last time before her K-1 visa process was finalized, so she could help Daniel prepare for his interview.

Martine is 26 years old and hails from Miami, Florida. She met Steven, a 33-year-old DJ from St. Thomas, Barbados, while they were both on a cruise with their respective groups of friends. One night on the cruise, Martine remembered twerking with her friends when Steven came up to dance behind her and the rest was history. “From then on, we were inseparable on the cruise, in all areas I was simply, I was obsessed,” she gushed in her confessional.

Mark is 39 and from Huntington Beach, California, and Key is a 35-year-old personal trainer originally from Argentina but lives in Bocas del Toro, Panama. They met in Bocas del Toro nine years earlier. At the time, he ran a shelter and she was a guest. After a passionate night of dancing, they spent two weeks together before Key returned to Argentina. Several months later, she told Mark that she would be checking into an outpatient rehab program after a years-long battle with ketamine addiction. He immediately moved to Argentina to support her during her recovery. But the language barrier, as Key only spoke Spanish and Mark only spoke English, in addition to his living arrangements with his family, separated them. After six months of dating, they separated and Mark returned to the United States. Eleven months before they started filming, Key reached out to Mark and they reconnected. “We pick up right where we left off,” Mark said in his confessional.

Keep scrolling below to find out if Aryanna and Sherlon, Amber and Daniel, Martine and Steven, and Mark and Key are still together.

90 day boyfriend: love in paradise premieres on TLC on Monday, November 15 at 9 p.m. ET.

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