6 Reasons to Consider Mobile Device Management for Your Small Business

The use of smartphones and tablets can facilitate a business’ operations. The flexibility ensured by these types of devices supports more activities within the company. For instance, in a meeting, you may not want to take your laptop every time. In this case, a smartphone can be just as helpful. With technology in mobile devices advancing more and more, they have become incredibly useful for taking notes or opening documents properly.

Smartphones and laptops have managed to replace the use of traditional desktops in many companies. Although computers are still necessary and they have their role, mobile devices’ flexibility is preferred. Plus, the fact that various companies started using cloud services and digital tools is supported by the use of mobiles, tablets, and laptops, ensuring greater mobility. 

Therefore, mobile device management, or MDM, can offer more flexibility and support the business’s productivity, optimizing the time. You can even track inventory, answer customer queries, or create and edit a vital document. There is no denying that this can benefit your small business.

Here are six reasons why you should consider implementing MDM for your small business:

  1. Reasonable pricing plans

For a small and even a medium-sized business, staying within budget is highly important. When you have a start-up and are just at the beginning of the road or own a small-scale business, not spending too much from the budget is crucial. You need to ensure that you don’t have more expenses than the company’s revenue – especially at the beginning. 

With a basic MDM in place, you can remain budget-conscious, given that you can find inexpensive plans which you can easily afford. It is understandable you want to find reasonable pricing plans, and the good news is that various products offer them so that you don’t have to spend too much from the company’s budget. Costs can go as low as $2 per user per month, a plan which you can purchase at the beginning. The more the company grows, the better equipped you will be to get a larger plan. 

  1. Various platforms availability

Whether you use iOS, Windows, or Android, the majority of MDM support devices using any of the aforementioned operating systems. The two main ones are iOS and Android, so understandably, there are many more products that support them. This being said, some businesses also use Windows. For this reason, MDM solutions are also available for this operating system. 

As a business, you might choose a specific OS for general use within the company. However, by allowing employees to use their personal devices as well, you get various operating systems from all the users as it is highly unlikely that everyone will be using the same. For this reason, you need to choose an MDM solution that can support them.

  1. Easy to operate and manage

Mobile Device Management is a valuable tool for small-scale businesses. One of the main benefits of MDM is the fact that it provides mobility, portability, and flexibility within an organization, no matter its size. This is accomplished because mobile device management can help you use and monitor portable devices, regardless of your location. 

For this reason, it is an essential tool for businesses that use the hybrid paradigm or hire remote employees. This way, you can operate and manage any business operation more efficiently, given that MDM solutions have the role of facilitating and improving the use of multiple mobile devices for work purposes from numerous users. Not to mention it can provide a well-established level of security for remote work. 

  1. Can perform various tasks

The use of smartphones is constantly increasing because they are so easy to use, and you can perform various tasks on them. If mobile devices’ purposes were extremely limited when the first smartphone launched, nowadays they can support many different and quite complicated tasks. Plus, their appearance, design, and available features keep improving to facilitate these operations. 

More and more mobile devices, personal and workplace alike, are being used in companies, given their flexibility and user convenience. For this reason, MDM solutions are needed in a business. Whether you wish to edit a document, send emails, track inventory or respond to customer queries, MDM solutions can enhance mobile device use in a business. 

Plus, even if you need to edit or convert a PDF file with an online service, you can do so from your smartphone. So, no matter the task you do on smartphones or tablets, MDM products are still helpful for efficiently managing devices within the company. 

  1. BYOD Support

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a widely known concept among start-ups and small-scale businesses which are budget-conscious. This way, if employees are able to work from their personal devices, like tablets, smartphones, and laptops, the company doesn’t have to invest heavily in acquiring electronic devices for all their employees. When a business is at the beginning of the road, it focuses on accomplishing success and driving it further by investing in other areas, such as marketing. 

Therefore, putting BYOD in practice benefits the business financially while also providing its employees flexibility. Not to mention, if you combine physical work with remote work, it is quite necessary you allow your employees to use their devices. 

However, BYOD has a downside – security measures are difficult to implement. Thankfully, MDM solutions can effectively resolve this issue, given you can manage multiple devices, minimize security risks, and ensure every employee who uses their own digital devices does so without compromising the safety of the business. 

  1. Improved security on devices

As mentioned above, MDM products can help businesses manage mobile devices, ensuring proper levels of security. So, you don’t have to worry about your company data not being protected while your employees use mobile devices and personal gadgets to fulfill their work tasks. 

By using an MDM solution, you are able to oversee and control the configuration and security settings of multiple mobile devices used within the company by your staff. Among its many features, you can secure emails, vital documents with sensitive information, enforce corporate policies, and so on. This way, with MDM, you have improved security across all mobile devices, minimizing possible risks. 

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