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2021 MLB standings: updated playoff chart, magic numbers as of Sept. 16

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The 2021 MLB season is rapidly drawing to a close, and as it draws to a close, several postseason races have attracted most of the attention.

All but two divisional races appear to be closed. The Braves rose to first place in August and remain in first place in early September with the Phillies and Mets not far behind. The Giants have quietly been the best team in baseball for most of the season, but they find themselves holding back an incredibly talented Dodgers team in the NL West.

Both races for the wild card appear to be fights to the finish. In the American League, the Red Sox and Yankees entered September clinging to the top two, but have faced pressure from the Blue Jays, Mariners and Athletics. The team that finishes second in the NL West is almost guaranteed to finish the first wild card, but second place is wide open as the Reds, Padres, Phillies, Cardinals and Mets are all at a distance. attack on each other.

MORE: NL and NL Rookie of the Year races are still open

Sporting News is following the MLB rankings as the season ends. Here’s everything you need to know before the final stretch of the campaign.

2021 MLB Standings

American League playoff group

Classification updated after the games played on Thursday, September 16

Seed team division Record Percentage
1 Ray this 91-56 .619
2 Astros West 86-60 .589
3 white sock Central 83-63 .568
4 (toilet) Tiles this 82-64 .562
5 (toilet) red stockings this 83-65 .558

American League Wild Card Positions

  • T-WC1: Tiles, 82-64 (.562)
  • T-WC1: Red Sox, 83-65 (.561)

  • Yankees, 82-65 (.558), 0.5
  • Athletics, 79-67 (.541), 3 GB
  • Sailors 78-68 (.534), 4 GB
  • Angels, 72-74 (.493), 10 GB
  • Indians 71-73 (.493), 10 GB
  • Tigers 70-77 (.476), 12.5 GB
  • Royalty, 66-80 (.452), 16GB
  • Twins, 64-83 (.435), DELETED
  • Forest ranger 54-92 (.370), REDACTED
  • Orioles, 47-99 (.322), DELETED

National League playoff group

Classification updated after the games played on Thursday, September 16

Seed team division Record Percentage
1 Giants West 95-52 .646
2 Brewers Central 89-57 .610
3 Braves this 76-68 .528
4 (toilet) Dodgers West 94-53 .639
5 (toilet) Cardinals Central 76-69 .524

National League Wild Card Positions

  • WC1: Dodgers, 94-53 (.639)
  • WC2: Cardinals 76-69 (.524)

  • Parents, 76-70 (.521), 0.5GB
  • Reds, 76-71 (.517), 1 GB
  • Phillies, 74-72 (.507), 2.5 GB
  • Mets, 72-75 (.490), 5 GB
  • Rocky Mountains, 68-78 (.466), 8.5 GB
  • Puppies 66-81 (.449), 11 GB
  • Marlins, 62-84 (.425), 14.5 GB
  • Nationals 60-86 (.411), 16.5GB
  • Pirates 54-92 (.370), REDACTED
  • Diamondbacks, 47-99 (.322), DELETED

MLB magic numbers for 2021

This is the part where fans of teams in playoff venues, or those outside, really start using calculators. The magic number is the combination of a team’s wins and / or losses by its closest competitor needed to clinch a playoff spot.

The magic number is listed for each team that leads the division to claim the title, and the elimination number is listed for the teams that are behind in the division. The same information is provided for those looking for the wildcard. The information comes from

Updated after the games on Thursday, September 16

At least

Rays, 8 / x

Tiles, x / 8

Red Sox, x / 7

Yankees, x / 7

Orioles, x / x

AL Central

White Sox, 7 / x

Indians, x / 7

Tigers, x / 3

Real, x / x

Twins, x / x

To West

Astros, 10 / x

Athletics, x / 10

Sailors, x / 9

Angels, x / 3

Ranger, x / x

AL joker

Tiles, 16 / x

Red Sox, 16 / x

Yankees, x / 16

Athletics, x / 14

Sailors, x / 13

Angels, x / 7

Indians, x / 8

Tigers, x / 4

Royals, x / 1

Twins, x / x

Ranger, x / x

Orioles, x / x

NL East

Braves, 15 / x

Phillies, x / 15

Mets, x / 12

Marlins, x / 3

Nationals, x / 1

NL Central

Brewers, 5 / x

Cardinals, x / 5

Reds, x / 3

Cubs, x / x

Pirates, x / x

NL West

Gigantes, 15 / CLOSED

Dodgers, x / 15

Parents, x / x

Rocky Mountains, x / x

Diamondbacks, x / x

Wild card NL

Dodgers, CLOSED

Cardinals, 17 / x

Parents, x / 17

Reds, x / 16

Phillies, x / 15

Mets, x / 12

Rocky Mountains, x / 9

Cubs, x / 6

Marlins, x / 3

Nationals, x / 1

Pirates, x / x

Diamondbacks, x / x

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