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10 Highly Needed Inventions that Haven’t Been Invented Yet

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The world has seen a plethora of creations since the invention of the wheel. But with the growing invention of new products, the demand and expectations of people are rising too. After aeroplanes, robots and fastest payout casinos were invented the world still needed something new and here are the 10 most needed inventions that haven’t been invented yet.

10. Dog Translator

From kids to adults, every person today loves dogs. This friendly animal, always ready to cuddle and play, is adored by millions of people. One of the most common problems the owners face is they do not understand what their dog is trying to say. Hand movements and gestures are not enough to find the solution to their problems.

Due to the growing demand for dogs in children, it is high time for the creation of devices that will translate what the dog is trying to say. Although numerous devices have been developed in the market that claim they can tell exactly what the dog says, there is no doubt about the fact that they all are bogus.

Due to this tech being only theoretical there is no successful device made yet. In the coming years, a proper device should be made that should translate the dog bark into the language of humans. From the sign of asking for food to playing with the bone, the machine should translate everything.

Most people still think it is a vague idea, but believe me, in a world full of growing demand for dogs, the machine will create history and be all over the internet in no time.

9. Dressing Machine

It always seems impossible every day to get out of bed and dress up for the day. From getting out of bed to being all glammed up, it seems a very long way to go. We don’t need a long and boring article telling us how to be productive in the morning, all we need is computers that will dress us up every morning.

The computers won’t make us wait all morning but stick to our instructions and dress us up.

Don’t wake up all night dreaming about what the computer will look like. It is not a complex device, but just an updated version of the device in the movie, “Clueless.”

Just a few extra materials will be added to the computer such as a camera or some other technology to make the device efficient.

None of the companies has created this product before and the device doesn’t exist till now, therefore, in the coming years, if the model enters the business market, it will make customers in no time and boost the sales in a week.

8. Fast and efficient airplane

Who doesn’t know the Wright brothers? The Wright brothers were the ones who invented the first airplane. But the dynamics of technology have changed over the years and now the idea of a plane that can fly us to other places in hours has gone outdated.

With the rise in demand for inventions, the world needs planes with more development. Companies should now add materials that make the planes more environmentally friendly, decreasing fuel consumption and using renewable resources.

Although Lockheed Martin company has announced the arrival of this new system in the year 2025, the company still has a long way to go to execute it. An environment-friendly concept with low power usage and fewer heat consumptions, providing all the amenities, from cooking food to playing table tennis, it needs a lot of money to execute.

But if it is executed properly, you will have a system in the air where you can cook and eat whatever you want and have access to plenty of other things, without caring about the environment.

7. Instant Heartbreak healer

The world is going through a lot of agony and sadness. With the changing moods of people, more time with technology, people need this device as soon as possible.

Unlike the device in the movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind, which erases the moments and memories of people after a breakup, this form of innovation should heal a person instead of erasing it.

Instead of reading a long and boring article about how to heal from the breakup, it is high time that a new computer should exist that heals the lives of people going through bad times.

The machine should have the power to read the minds of millions of people.

Moreover, the system should also have access to their traumatic experiences to provide people with the best solutions and heal their issues.

If the system exists, it would be a huge success and it would do great business.

6. Light Bulb

Light bulb is evolving at a breakneck pace, leaving other lighting innovations in the dust. The wait is over.

It will no longer be used just to brighten up your homes in the coming future, but it will no more than that. Light bulbs, in the future, will be less expensive so you won’t have to spend lots of money.

Moreover, it will use less energy, last longer, and do a lot more than just light up your home.


Future LEDs will be able to make multicolored lights, play music, and send alarms and data. These bulbs will soon be invented and this form of the bulb will be all-in-one, which will provide you with every solution you need.

Additionally, if the idea is executed properly, it will also emit less heat and create numerous colors of lights.

5. Robots for everyone

The world has already heard mountains of stories about this invention. Numerous robots have already been invented which provide the best solution to all your issues and from cooking food to cleaning, do all your chores. But we need more.

The internet is filled with ideas, but this is not enough in the busy lives of people. The coming robots should act and feel like humans with the power of doing everything in no time. With artificial eyes that should blink and artificial gestures that should greet and hug, the world needs a happy and healthy robot.

The robot should be created with special materials and special computer programming that should do every task. From cooking food at night to playing with children in the morning, the success of this new development lies in its ability to multitask. If it comes to existence, the rest of the models will become obsolete.

4. Automobile

With the latest inventions in automobiles and their hype over the internet, people have started expecting more each year.

According to an article written by Klaus Ulrich, the new inventions should include automated driving capability, high power, low fuel consumption, and a lot of amenities. They should also have an interconnected system and be more spacious.

The concept of cars flying into the air should also come into existence. Even after incorporating all the above demands, the cars would be successful if they provide us with every solution for low money. If it comes to life, this invention would be mind-blowing and it would supersede all the other inventions.

3. Clouds that rain Candy

Almost every one of us has lived in a fantasy where we would imagine going into the air and eating food from the sky.

Although there is no sign of such creativity, the world is truly unpredictable. With the rising number of brainy minds all over the world, this invention should finally come into existence. The invention should be in a way that whenever we go out in the sky, we press a button, and we should have candies raining from the sky.

It might sound a bit exaggerated, but it is not that hard to create. Who in their minds in the previous centuries would have thought about the inventions that could cut the traveling time or connect the whole world at one time. Similarly, even candies coming down from the clouds do not seem exaggerated now.

2. Time Machine

Here is yet another technology that has gained a huge hype over the years, but has still not existed. You might have seen this invention in the movies or series, such as in the most famous season, “Dark.”

Unfortunately, the idea is still restricted to movies. Having said that, there is still a ray of hope of such a system coming into existence, as in all the movies, the time machine is shown made by some scientists using proven scientific theories.

1. Instant Detangler

To all the girls struggling with long and frizzy hair, this might be the solution for you. After straighteners and blow dryers, the world needs a brush that would automatically detangle the hair of people without having to forcefully brush the hair. It would truly make the curly life easier for all.

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